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MLS ID: SMA6601 - Casa Correo

  • MXN 11,000,000
For Sale
Correo 75, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, 37700, Centro
  • 120
  • Cons. m²
  • 130
  • Lot
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Property ID: SMA6601


Unlock the Hidden Gems: Your Urban Canvas in San Miguel de Allende Imagine standing in the heart of history, where the pulse of a city beats, and culture whispers through the cobblestone streets. Nestled within the lively embrace of San Miguel de Allende's downtown, on the iconic Calle Correo, awaits a canvas of possibilities - a property brimming with potential, awaiting the artist's brushstroke. With 120 square meters of construction upon a generous 130 square meters of prime land, this property stands as an invitation for investors seeking an exciting project. The allure lies not just in its dimensions but in its raw essence, ripe for transformation into a living masterpiece. The seasoned investor recognizes the promise of this fixer-upper, ready to metamorphose into a showcase of architectural brilliance. A Location Steeped in Charm and Convenience San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its timeless beauty and captivating ambiance. The property's strategic location in the main downtown area, within the vibrant zona centro, places it at the epicenter of this cultural gem. Here, history echoes through every corner, blending seamlessly with modern-day living. Explore an array of art galleries, culinary delights, and a rich tapestry of local culture, all just a stroll away. The charm of Calle Correo, known for its lively atmosphere and bustling activities, frames this property within an embrace of urban convenience. Within this dynamic neighborhood, the cobblestone streets come alive with the color of local markets, the melody of street musicians, and the laughter of cafés. Versatile Investment: A Residence or Portfolio Addition This property not only beckons to the savvy investor but also to those with a vision of crafting their dream residence. The canvas allows for customization, adapting to your aspirations and desires, ensuring a home that truly reflects your essence. Alternatively, harness its investment potential, envisioning it as a lucrative addition to your portfolio - a wise choice in a location that consistently proves its real estate value. In conclusion, this property offers more than a mere structure; it presents an opportunity to sculpt your vision into reality. Seize this chance to claim a slice of San Miguel de Allende's vibrant history, weaving your story into the intricate fabric of this enchanting city. The allure of this address, combined with your creativity, promises an exceptional living experience or a shrewd investment choice.
  • Address Correo 75, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
  • City San Miguel de Allende
  • State Guanajuato
  • Zip/Postal Code 37700
  • Area Centro
  • Country Mexico


  • Property ID: SMA6601
  • Price: 11,000,000
  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Construction m²: 120
  • Lot Size m²: 130

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